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Your Next-Generation Music Marketplace

We are a global music licensing ecosystem - launching soon. Artists can build a custom webstore to sell their music. Brands can find high-quality, relevant music to tell their story. Join us and get early access! 

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Explore thousands of high-quality tracks

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Let Your Music Find the Big Picture

  • Promote your music with your own webstore
  • Make money on your back catalog
  • Easy-to-understand licensing with automated pricing
  • Join a community of music creators
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Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Story

  • Save time finding the right track
  • Choose from more relevant music 
  • Easy-to-understand licensing
  • Get to know your composer
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Made by - and for - Music Professionals

Soundtracktor is a music tech company with Nordic values, but a global mindset. We power a worldwide community of content creators. Join us in the excitement of matching music to images using the latest technology.

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