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Find the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Story

Search a database of thousands of inspiring tracks from our community of music creators. No monthly fees, no commitments - just pay fair prices for what you need.

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Discover High-Quality Music - Fast

  • Choose from a unique library of music
  • Easy-to-understand licensing
  • Get custom music directly from the composer
  • Pre-cleared music for tv productions
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How It Works

Create a project icon Create a project

Invite team members and create playlists of potential tracks

Search for music icon Search for music

Filter by genre, mood, instrument, or other categories

Get a licensing quote icon Get a licensing quote Fair pricing with easy-to-understand licensing agreements

Need Expert Assistance?

It can be tough to find the right music for your project. You may not even have the time to use our marketplace. Not a problem! We offer music supervision and clearance at reasonable prices.

Music supervision model: custom licensing, creative sparring, music sourcing

Your One-Stop Shop for TV Productions

We offer a carefully curated, pre-cleared section of our library exclusively for your project. Don’t waste time negotiating complicated license fees. Discover better music to tell your story!

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Made by - and for - Music Professionals

Soundtracktor is a music tech company with Nordic values, but a global mindset. We power a worldwide community of content creators. Join us in the excitement of matching music to images using the latest technology.

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